A True Story...
by W.A. Harbinson & Kay Wheeler


The real “Queen of all the teens”
The girlfriend of Elvis Presley and Gene Vincent.
The wildest teen dancer and perfect icon of the wild rockin’ fifties.

The incredibly fun, true life story of Kay Wheeler, an obscure teen rock legend whose crazy real-life adventures could certainly earn her the title “The Mother of Cool”. She trysts with Elvis; she gets a marriage proposal from Gene Vincent; and she finds Ricky Nelson knocking at her door. She is wise beyond her years; a dynamic teenage girl playing a significant role in the teen rock movement of the 1950's by jumping ahead and organizing the world’s first, National Elvis Presley Fan Club--much to the dismay of conservative Dallas, Texas. She stars in one of the first rock & roll movies, Rock Baby Rock It, doing her original "rocknbop" dance, and in doing so is billed as “The Queen of Rock & Roll”. The spunky teen dance queen shows certain steps of her original "rocknbop" dance to Elvis himself when she first meets him in San Antonio, Texas. She makes her mark on the national front by organizing tens of thousands of 1950's teenage girls into a lobbying force that could teach Washington a thing or two! Their unprecedented letter writing campaign would get Elvis booked at the huge Cotton Bowl at the State Fair of Texas in 1956. When fans at a show in Waco, Texas showed little excitement and didn't scream for Elvis, she fearlessly announced to the Associated Press and the local newspapers that Waco was the "squarest town in America!". The story made headlines nationwide and even appeared on the evening news! She butts heads with villain, Colonel Tom Parker, when he steps in and wants her to apologize. After a teen romance goes on the rocks with her boyfriend “Chicken”, she takes off for Hollywood where she makes a movie called Hot Rod Gang with Gene Vincent and attends the premiere of the movie Jailhouse Rock with Elvis. Articulate and fearless, at the tender age of 17, this dynamite teenager finds herself enjoying her role as a teen spokesperson for rock & roll and Elvis in the mass media frenzy of 1956. She epitomizes the original "cool rock & roll chick": romancing Elvis, dancing on the 50's movie screens and having a ball shocking the adults! She is the unquenchable girl, the “leader of the pack”, of a generation of wild teens who are unknowingly launching rock & roll and redefining an entire youth culture for generations to come.

© Copyright 1982 Kay Wheeler
Registered #181452 Writers Guild of America

Adapted from Kay Wheeler's autobiography:
"Growing Up With The Memphis Flash"


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